After earning a degree in interior design from USF / The Academy of Art in 1991, Annie’s career thrived over the next fifteen years with engagements at three well-respected design firms in San Francisco.

In 2007 she launched Annie Nesbit Design, a full service interior architecture and design firm.  She credits client referrals for her rapid growth and success. Her wonderful and generous clients keep her more than just busy; they keep her inspired.

Oxford defines a home as a place where something flourishes.  My goal is to create thoughtful
and inspired spaces that help my clients flourish in all aspects of their lives.  More than just a house,
your home should rise up to meet you.  

The form should delight you and the function
should supports your needs.  Working together to navigate the design process,
we will create an environment that you are always happy to come home to and proud to show off.